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10 Seat Dining Room Table

10 seat dining room table

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Danish Modern Dining Room Set

Danish Modern Dining Room Set

Schionning and Elgaard - Made in Denmark - 1957-60

This is a solid teak wood table and 6 chairs. The table has 2 leaves that pull out to make the table seat 10! It's awesome. I plan to recover the seats in the fabric you see on the chair... maybe. I cannot wait to set the table with my Franciscan Starburst China! Now if I only had a kitchen to put all the kitchen stuff in. The kitchen remodel is at a stand still since the hurricane.

The story behind this find is actually a bit sad and some might say creepy:

There was a house on Fairway Drive here in Baton Rouge that was one of my favorites! It was very Frank Lloyd Wright in design and I had always wanted to go inside and see all of the fabulous things that I was sure the owner must have since the exterior was so modern and fabulous! Whew!

Several weeks after Hurricane Gustav, I drove down that street and the house was GONE!!! Just gone... like it was never there at all. The lot had been completly cleared.

I discovered that the estate of that house was being put up for sale since lady who lived in that house had passed away. I found out later that she was pinned in her kitchen by a tree during the Hurricane and died a few days later. The house was destroyed by the storm.

This was her dining room set. I never thought that I would see the contents of the house that way.

Chef's Table at Monmouth

Chef's Table at Monmouth

We would soon be eating the "Chef's Table" dining experience to mark our 10th anniversary.

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10 seat dining room table

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